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PPL vs. CPL vs. ATPL: Which licence is right for you?

by AirsideMay 25 2021

So you’re thinking about getting your pilot’s licence. But which one is best if you want to make a career out of flying for a larger organization? PPL? CPL? ATPL? Your choice can determine the price, length or even success of your flying career.

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Tips to write the best pilot CV

by AirsideJuly 2 2020

Suffering from writers' block? Looking for ways to outstand from the crowd? Here are a few tips on how to write the perfect CV for your next pilot job application.

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7 types of instructor positions to take your career higher

by AirsideOctober 27 2020

Discover 7 instructing positions to consider that can take your pilot career higher.

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How to succeed in video interviews

by AirsideJune 9 2021

The popularity for video interviews has steadily increased over the years as technology has improved. Given the difficult circumstances that Covid-19 has caused, they have become even more commonplace.

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