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How to solve the US pilot shortage

by FlightGlobalApril 27 2022

The US flightcrew shortage is real, but can it be ameliorated, and safety standards maintained, by more appropriate training rather than by simply keeping the flight hours entry barrier high?

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5 things you didn’t know about being a corporate pilot

by AirsideJune 16 2021

Thinking of becoming a corporate pilot? As a corporate pilot, you can work for private individuals, corporations, charter operators, and employers that operate airplanes under a fractional ownership program.

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PPL vs. CPL vs. MPL vs. ATPL: Which licence is right for you?

by AirsideJuly 28 2022

So you’re thinking about getting your pilot’s licence. But which one is best if you want to make a career out of flying for a larger organization? PPL? CPL? MPL? ATPL? Your choice can determine the price, length or even success of your flying career.

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The benefits of becoming an Instructor

by AirsideMay 6 2021

Thinking of turning your flying knowledge into a teaching opportunity? There are many different instructing roles in the industry that are rewarding for many reasons. For example, you can choose to be a Flight Instructor, TRE (Type Rating Examiner), TRI (Type Rating Instructor), SFI (Synthetic Flight Instructor) and SFE (Synthetic Flight Examiner).

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