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EASA hosted this year's SAFE360 Conference

by EASA Together4SafetySeptember 21 2022

SAFE is so much more than just a Conference. Find out about the key role that SAFE plays in the European Safety Risk Management (SRM).

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Electric flying and the batteries to support it

by Paul SergeantSeptember 16 2022

What is range anxiety and how does it apply to electric aircraft?

View from the flight deckplay-btn
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Simulation for Experiential Training as an enabler for Evidence-Based Training

by AirsideAugust 16 2022

Read the second installment of the CAE-Emirates Future Pilot Training Thought Leadership Series.

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PPL vs. CPL vs. MPL vs. ATPL: Which licence is right for you?

by AirsideJuly 28 2022

So you’re thinking about getting your pilot’s licence. But which one is best if you want to make a career out of flying for a larger organization? PPL? CPL? MPL? ATPL? Your choice can determine the price, length or even success of your flying career.

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How to Create a Compelling Pilot CV with RB Logbook

by Jeroen DerwortJune 9 2022

With the aviation industry continuing to recover, now is a great time to update your CV and be ready for upcoming job opportunities.

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RB Logbook Detects Airplane Take-off and Landing

by Jeroen DerwortJune 21 2022

As pilots, we like to focus on flying, not on dull administrative tasks. Being able to log flights with a few taps, as the Fly Now feature makes possible, is what pilots appreciate.

Featured Courses

Online course banner for International Proceduresplay-btn
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Online Training: International procedures

by CAEMarch 9 2022

The CAE Pelesys International Procedures course is a compilation of modules dedicated to providing recurrent training for pilots operating in International Airspace.

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Online Training: Performance based navigation (PBN)

by CAEMarch 11 2022

CAE's PBN course will help you better grasp the performance-based method and all its concepts so you too can contribute to the overall safety of national airspace systems.

Online Course banner for CPDLCplay-btn
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Online Training: Controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC)

by CAEMarch 4 2022

CAE's Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) course will help teach you how to effectively communicate when you’re in the cockpit.



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