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New year, new hopes, but gloom aplenty

by Murdo MorrisonJanuary 10 2022

The new year dawned – as 2021 did – with rising Covid-19 cases prompting tougher travel restrictions, but with many in the industry expressing hope that the worst would soon be over.

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Group exercises as part of the pilot recruitment process

by Caroline CreaneJanuary 5 2022

A group exercise usually forms part of an overall assessment process, which may be utilised after you have successfully completed your online assessments. The group exercise may be used in combination with an interview or other face to face assessment activities.

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Helping you return to the skies safely and effectively

by AirsideDecember 23 2021

Whether you’re a pilot, crewmember or technician, no matter your role in the aviation industry, chances are you have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. All of us have in some way lived through what was imaginable prior to 2020.

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Why industry is summer breezy, despite Omicron’s gloom

by Murdo MorrisonDecember 21 2021

With Omicron cases spiraling and many countries imposing fresh travel restrictions after a period when the trend had been towards opening up, there seems little for the aviation industry to be festive about as the holiday season begins.

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No cockpit required.


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Wanted: More Pilots

by AirsideDecember 1 2021

After experiencing one of the largest drops in travel in decades due to COVID-19, airline travel has rebounded and is taking off once again. That’s the good news. Now here’s the not-so-good news.

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ACARS Terminal Scan Revolutionizes Digital Pilot Logbooks

by Jeroen DerwortNovember 24 2021

Imagine if you could snap a photo of your ACARS (OOOI) display and have your logbook times magically populated. Well, now you can thanks to the efforts of the RB Group, more specifically Tuan-Anh Nguyen from Avans University. With the new RB Logbook feature, you simply take a photo of your OOOI terminal and we’ll do the rest.

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RB Logbook Detects Airplane Take-off and Landing

by Jeroen DerwortNovember 4 2021

As pilots, we like to focus on flying, not on dull administrative tasks. Being able to log flights with a few taps, as the Fly Now feature makes possible, is what pilots appreciate.

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My road from the sea to the air

by Jurgen HartmannJuly 30 2021

It is a pleasure to be able to introduce myself and talk a bit about some of the experiences I have had in my military career, first on the water and later in the air.

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[Podcast] Episode 19: How to become a pilot - Preparing for your assessment

by CAEFebruary 19 2021

In the first of our “how to become a pilot” series of podcasts, we discuss the assessment process with Emma Akhurst MSc, Lead ADAPT Psychologist at Symbiotics.

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Episode 26 iconic aircraft around the world in a silver spitfire

by CAEDecember 20 2021

Flying a Spitfire is something many aviators can only dream of. Matt Jones and his team decided to turn that dream into an reality and embrace the challenge of not only flying a Spitfire but by flying their Silver Spitfire around the world!

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[Podcast] EP16: Grounded for a higher cause

by CAEOctober 29 2020

Tune in to hear about Captain Emma's unconventional path to becoming a pilot and her inspiring story of putting furloughed pilots ""on duty"".