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Organise your pilot documents for a job application

Applying for a new position as a pilot comes with a lot of preparation. Often, it’s not as simple as uploading your CV and being called for an interview. Before the interview stage, you will be required to pass a document check, which entails submitted several documents to the airline. Keep reading if you want to know how to get your documents in order correctly to speed up the application process!

Basic Pilot Pack

The most common documents requested at the initial stage of the application process are known as the basic pilot pack. This pack includes your CV, Licence, Medical, Passport and the last 3 pages of your Log Book (Right and Left). These are the documents you should have on hand, saved on your phone and your PC.

Additional Documentation

Additional documents may be required for the initial application depending on the airline. It is recommended that you have a copy of the following if possible - LPC, OPC, 2 reference letters, no incident accident report.  If you need to request any of these documents, we recommend doing it as early as possible.

Reference Letters

Regarding reference letters, you will not be required to ask for a reference from a company where you are still currently employed. If possible, get a character reference from someone in the airline such as a Captain or Instructor. If you are applying for your first job as a pilot, ask your flight school or an instructor for a character reference.

DOs and DON’Ts

  • Ensure all your documents are valid and in date

  • Update your CV with your current information (see article: “How to write a CV”)

  • Scan all pages your documents in colour, ensure they are fully legible and that no pages are missing

  • Make sure that there are no smudges, glares, or fingerprints on the documents

  • Be sure that the full page is scanned and that you aren’t cutting the top or bottom off of the document

  • Save your documents as PDFs if possible, as this format will work on both Windows and Mac 

  • Label your documents to indicate what they are (Example: John Smith Passport)

  • Save your documents separately, don’t combine them

  • Save your updated documents to your CAE profile so the recruiter can access them easily, use the drop down to label each document, and update them as required

When sending your documents, be sure to read what is required and send all documents that are requested. If you are filling in an application form, ensure you fill out every field and section within the form. If you are unsure of a section or what is being asked, then contact the recruiter for clarification. Documents which are not filled correctly or fully will need to be sent back and waste valuable time in getting your application over to the airline.

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