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Discover various tools to keep the rust off and stay organised

Plenty of tools are readily available to pilots of all levels, students or enthusiasts to stay immersed in the aviation industry during this period of downtime.  

The following is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it can give you ideas to brush some accumulating rust off your flying skills and knowledge, get better organized in preparation for clearing skies or simply battle boredom. 

ATC feeds and flight trackers 

Listen to Air Traffic feeds from various airports or track flights all around the world with online access or your iOS / Android device. Flight trackers provide real-time aircraft information and some allow users to browse by operator, airline or aircraft type. 

Radio simulator 

Practice communication procedures and phraseology on an aviation radio simulator that allows users to experience a multitude of scenarios in both VFR and IFR settings.  

Flight simulation software 

Various flight simulators show a high degree of fidelity and can easily be purchased and installed on your desktop or mobile device. Whether you want to practice procedures or go for a fun flight, these are the most well-known platforms: 

Weather apps/websites 

There is a plethora of weather apps and websites providing relevant information for pilots. Some are focused on precise elements of meteorology, while others are particularly adapted for pilots and can deliver an accurate weather forecast over a planned route. 

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Pilot Laxmi

Pilot Laxmi

Pilot Laxmi: "Do not lose hope and keep yourself current"

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This Week in Aviation News by Murdo Morrison, FlightGlobal

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[PODCAST] EP17:Dream jobs above the clouds - The barefoot pilot of the Maldives

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Tips for Effectively Managing Stress

Feeling stressed? Follow these tips and breathe easy. 

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It’s Time to Take Action

How to get things done.

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Knowing your aircraft’s limits

We all have our limits when we fly—but do you know your aircraft?

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